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Nobody likes it when his or her vehicle's air conditioning stops working all of a sudden. Unfortunately it happens often and in a variety of manifestations; sometimes A/C systems stop regulating temperature, become noisy, or start creating bad smells. Fortunately, the highly competent team and well-equipped workshop of Eagle Auto Care can fix any problems that you may be having with your automotive air conditioning.


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Located in Eagle Farm, our friendly staff will examine your car's A/C system, perform any necessary repairs, and thoroughly clean and sanitize the major components. Call us today on 07 3194 4435 for an air conditioning service that will solve any of your vehicle's issues in a quick and convenient fashion so that you can drive your car without having to worry about the temperature outside.

There can be many causes of air conditioning problems. For example, ‘un-cooled' air could be the result of low refrigerant levels or a problem with your condenser (the component that causes refrigerant to cool from a gas to a liquid).

Air conditioners that make a lot of noise are easier to diagnose. They are most likely suffering from a loose, displaced, or stretched fan belt.

If your automotive air conditioning system is producing a bad smell this is probably due to an issue involving stagnant water.

Any of the above symptoms require air conditioning repairs. Whatever problems your vehicle's A/C is causing you, make sure to contact Eagle Auto Care today to see how we can solve your issues quickly and effectively through an air conditioning service.


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