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Brake repair can really stall your day. Just when you thought you were up and moving, squeaky brakes, lack of brake fluid and broken brake discs can cause everything to come to a halt. For your brake repair and brake service needs in the Eagle Farm area of Brisbane, trust the mechanics at Eagle Auto Care.

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The Smart Stop at Eagle Auto Care

A good mechanic is one that has that personal connection with their customers but has the backing of a large company. Whether you travel around Eagle Farm or you travel interstate, knowing that your mechanic is connected to a larger network can give peace of mind. 

The benefits of Eagle Auto Care include:


  • Personal Connection with the Community
  • Backed By the Nationwide Network of Repco Authorised Service Centres
  • Ongoing Training for the Mechanics
  • Access to the Spare Parts Network
  • Convenient Location in Eagle Farm


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The Right Service at the Right Price

As we are a part of the Repco Authorised Service Centre family we have access to the spare parts network. This means that no matter what is wrong with your brakes, from old brake shoes to broken brake rotors, we can fix it without breaking your budget. Trained in the latest diagnostic techniques our mechanics cover a myriad of brake issues such as:


  • ABS Brake Repair
  • Replacing Brake Pads
  • Repairing Electric Brakes
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Repairing An Old Hand Brake
  • Replacing the Brake Master Cylinder

No matter what brake issue you are facing, call us at Eagle Auto Care to find a solution.


Understanding Different Brake Issues

There are a myriad of issues that can affect your brakes because of wear and tear over time. Understanding the issues makes it easier to understand what work needs to be done when the time comes. Some common brake issues include:


  • Sluggish brakes which may indicate a need for a brake fluid flush, filling of brake fluid or installation of a brake booster to draw energy from the engine. 
  • Squeaky brakes which may indicate loss of friction on the brake pads requiring brake pad replacement and brake discs or brake caliper adjustment.
  • Improper functioning of electric brakes on towing equipment due to a misfire in the vehicles computer system.



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